"God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved; God shall help her, just at the break of dawn.." Psalm 46:1

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Christian Life Coaching

Personal, one on one. bible studies
specific to your situation. 

Be Sure of Your Salvation
Overcome Negative Emotions
Fight Evil Entities
Learn Biblical Truths
Know Your Identity
Discover Your Purpose
Operate in Power and Authority

all as the Holy Spirit
enables and equips you
through the
Word of God

I specialize in helping women who
have survied a troubled past

Rediscover your identity as who
God created you to be;

Discover His Divine Purpose
for your life;

Develop a plan to
begin to live and walk
Passionately in that Purpose.

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Wedding Officiant

The vows are the single most important part of any wedding ceremony. As a matter of fact, the vows is the only part actually needed. Without the exchanging of the vows, no union takes place.
It doesn't matter if your wedding is large or small, private or public, or even if it is just the two of you, you want your vows to be special. I provide traditional and contemporary marriage vows, along with the opportunity for bride and groom to provide their own to assure that the exchanging of the vows is given the attention it deserves. 

I am a mobile wedding officiant available for elopements, vow renewals and wedding ceremonies. I am locally licensed and ordained with all rights and credentials to officiate weddings in Maryland and Washington, DC. Whether it is just the two, or in the presence of hundreds, I promise to officiate the exchange of your vows with the professionalism you expect..

Traditional and Custom Vows 
Pre-Marriage Coaching Available 

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Preacher - Public Speaker

As a licensed Minister of the Gospel, I look forward to any and all oportunities to share the message of truth with whosoever will hear.

My specific area of ministry deals with Soul Care, caring for the souls of those (specifically women) who have been wounded in the battles of life, and need encouragement, hope, and help to recover and move forward. 

Soul Care involves restoration of the whole person, body, mind and spirit according to the Word of God.

Myself, having fallen victim to physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse, I know how hard it can be to keep believing your life has meaning and purpose after tragedy and trauma.  My mission is to help as many women as possible recover the motivation to pursue meaning and live life passionately in the purpose God has designated for them.

I am available for women's meetings, workshops and retreats, church services, and special engagements and welcome all opportunities opportunity to share a message of hope and restoration.