Life coaching is, in general terms, the process of coming along side someone and helping them identify where they are, where they want to be and how to get there. Christian coaching takes that concept and moves it into the light of Scripture and frames it in a Christian worldview.

Based on the concept that God has a plan for your life and is eager to enable you to live it, Christian coaching facilitates your discovery of that plan and encourages you as you flesh it out.

It is different from counseling. Counseling focuses on the past and how to recover from its effects so you can function well in the present. Christian coaching looks forward and encourages you to develop strategies for overcoming obstacles and achieving dreams.

My Christian Life Coaching Service operates within the ministry soul care.  I not only want you to advance I want to help you fortify your strength and faith in God to see you through any and all difficulties or obstacles you face along the way. I want to see you walking passionately in the purpose God predestined for you as in overcomer in spite of what your past or present situation may be.

I don't coach by the hour. I strive to be available as needed so I don't charge by the hour. The first consultation is free, and if you choose to continue working with me I only ask for a minimum monthly donation of $25.00 for as long as our weekly sessions continue. God has called me to this ministry, and I will do that which I am called by Him to do trusting Him to provide.

If you would like to help someone else who can't afford it, for every $25 received, one person will receive Life Coaching and Soul Care Support for that month at no cost.

Or CONTACT ME to schedule your FREE consultation!

LIFE COACHING SESSIONS: As your coach we will meet weekly by phone (or in person if local) to discover your purpose is and what you want to do. We will learn the reality of where you are now, what has you stuck, and is needed to get you moving. We will examine the opportunities and obstacles that may occur along your journey and develop a strategy for avoiding and/or overcoming whatever steps in your way. And we will set goals and delvelop a plan of action to get you where God's wants you to be. And I will hold you accountable for completion of each task. 

SOUL CARE MINISTRY: As a ministry of soul care I won't just give a bunch of reading to do, a bunch of worksheets to submit, and list to follow.  Notice I didn't say you wan't have any, but in addition you will have access to my time as much as is possible.  As you move along the journey of discovery, acceptance and finally action as you step into your purpose, I will be there with you. I will be there as a listening ear.  To assist in gathering resources and overcoming challenges.  To answer your questions.

WEDDING OFFICIANT: As a licensed, ordained Minister of the Gospel I am certified to perform weddings IN ALL STATES!  (Some states require additional fees for out of state clergy).  My fee for Wedding Officiant service is $150.00 plus travel and accomidations (up to 50 miles included).  Looking for an Officiant that is truly loves the Lord, is well versed in Scripture, and will officiate your ceremony with all the professionalism and love you deserve.  CONTACT ME for more information.

PREACHING/TEACHING/PUBLIC SPEAKING: I love and welcome and all opportunities to stand on God's behalf and deliver His word to His children.  I love teaching the things that God has taught me through the wisdom of others to anyone who wants to grow.  As a Personal Safety and Situational Awareness Instructor part of my ministry includes teaching women how to stay safe in today's dangerous world.  To invite me to speak, preach or teach at your church, gathering or event please CONTACT ME (Please include as much information about your event as possible).